June 12, 2012

Jayapura - Leader Free Papua Movement  (OPM)  Pekikir Lambert, based in Victoria Border Papua New Guinea (PNG) and Indonesia Papua did not claim responsibility for shooting a series of terror acts that occurred in Jayapura in the last two weeks.

'' We are not responsible in any shooting incident in Jayapura, and we did not know of those actions, even we are also confused who did it,'' said Lambert Pekikir OPM Revolutionary Command Indonesia-PNG border region, as confirmed by cell Tuesday, June 12th.To that end, he added, do not accuse the Government of Indonesia OPM as the perpetrators of a series of terror acts.

 '' Do not charge us, because we were not involved. OPM is also not always make the project the interests of civilian and military government of Indonesia,'' he said.In fact, he added, to stop the scapegoating of the group, has officially sent a letter to the government and the Indonesian military, that OPM was not responsible for the shooting of a series of terrorist acts. '' We write to Indonesia government and military, which stated no responsibility for the shooting range,'' he said.

Lamber Pekikir revealed, the company was preparing for the upcoming July 1st Anniversary of OPM. All organizations and political wing of the OPM is currently concentrating Anniversary OPM prepare, tai is definitely not to be connected with a series of shootings,'' he said.While a spokesman for the OPM Revolutionary Saul J Bomay also stressed that similar, that OPM was not responsible for terror acts ata shooting that occurred recently. 

'' Starting from the shooting of German citizens and residents who all happen in the city, we are not irresponsible,'' he said. He asked, the Indonesian police should immediately reveal who the true perpetrators of the shooting in Jayapura teros spreader, not just accusations. 

'' Do not just call OTK or OPM accused, but never could prove who the perpetrators of the shooting of a series of terror acts,'' he said.Saul J Bomay continue, if the government and the Indonesian authorities are not able to uncover a series of terror shootings should involve international institutions. '' If it was not able to reveal the apparatus Indonesia ya just international law,'' he explained
Source: Bintang Papua


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