July 23, 2012

Written By Voice Of Baptist Papua
By, K. Yudha Wirakusuma - Okezone

JAKARTA - President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) in his speech when launching the Journal of Strategic Review and Strategic Review Forum, are having trouble dealing with conflict in Papua.

Papua observers said Frans Ansanay, pastas were so out of a head of state.

"Actually this way, a head of state of Indonesia is not just deliver it. That suggests the government is not able to deal with Papua. Eksesnya will lead to strengthened alibi Papuans have been saying is not part of Indonesia, so naturally can not be taken care of, "Frank said while talking to Okezone, Wednesday (18/07/2012).

He added that the difficulty to reduce conflicts in the world of Paradise because of the absence of honest intentions of the government to build Papua.

"What is true in Papua? I think from Papua or West Irian in Homeland captured today, the government of Indonesia to Papua dishonest build the promised prosperity, "he said.

So, he said, the failure of the various regulations related to special autonomy in 2001 need to be evaluated.

"I megusulkan volume II establishment of special autonomy for Papua establish themselves with their own frame of mind," he explained.

"So the acceleration was released by the Papuans themselves, let it set itself, with a record of not asking for independence," he said.

Earlier, Yudhoyono admitted to date has not yet get the formula to reduce konlfik in Papua.

"We found a good solution to the conflict in Aceh, and communal conflict in Ambon and Poso. However, this formula does not fully apply to Papua, which require different types of solutions, "said Yudhoyono, yesterday Tuesday, July 17th.

SBY admitted to not stop to figure out the conflict that was happening. By understanding the conflict, he would be easily to make a decision.

"I'm always interested to learn more. Every detail no matter how small helps my decision. Each new fact helped me better judgment. The point is that different conflict requires a different solution, "he explained.

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