October 10, 2012

Foreign interference for global security, political and human rights development became very sophisticated matter to delivery very trouble region of West Papua. 

A little foreign government reaction on massive escalation of extra judicial murder and custody was remarked since many state members reminded Indonesian government to uphold human rights law for West Papuan during Human Rights Council meeting on last May.

Currently after international warning to Indonesia, on 14 of June extra judicial murder of West Papuan independence leader of Mako Tabuni was involved global anti terrorists unit or 88 detachments heavily funded by Australia and USA. 

This incident became public critics to the government of Australia, foreign minister promised to send a special representation, but more importantly is encouraging Indonesia for foreign journalist, activists, and diplomat freely access into conflict region. 

While US government has been pushing Indonesia to open dialogue agenda and effective implementation of special autonomy status, and other donator countries for 88 detachment unit clearly have no reaction. Foreign government need to intervene on that incident, not only remains Indonesia but also further action in resolving the root of political dispute in the country. 

This matter should be discussed in the public debate session at UN General Assembly on 25 September- 1 October based on their main theme is judgment and settlement international disputes; by peaceful means.  

By Amatus Douw --Peace Palace Library

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