October 9, 2011

Sabang (Aceh) to Merauke (Papua) is one part of the Republic of Indonesia, but in this great nation there is something unspoken, unfair and discriminatory ban on media is evidenced by the local, national and even international media to cover various actual events in Papua, all print media, electronic in papua often not an independent value.
This is evidenced by the detention of foreign journalists in Papua such as the two French journalists in covering the action wartu hold demonstrations of West Papua National Committee (KNPB) on 24/mei 2010, even journalists who are victims of persecution and even death from homicide and until today the law enforcement has not no follow-up.as Ardiansyah Matrais, a reporter from TV Merauke, was found dead in warehouse areas Charcoal, 30nJuli ago, elsewhere Ridwan Salamun, a reporter from TV Ming, had died during clashes in Tual, Southeast Maluku, on August 21, 2010, Metro Dean Moses March 9, 2010, murder of TV journalist Independent Papua, Marlon MRA-MRA and in September and violence against journalists occurred again in Papua. Top TV journalist named Ali admitted Mufri beaten Regent South Sorong, Friday, September 9 at around 9:00 CDT. Not just by the Regent, Regent aide, Head of Women Empowerment, as well as gang members Satpol also victims.

Struggle and journalistic coverage as workers in conflict zones such as Papua is full of risk, often the authorities in Papua offer all journalism became so nebeng its partners and under the heel of the ruler so that the events that are contrary to the policy published hard ruler. if published would be a threat to workers’ lives .. journalism in an independent Papua is often not only secure the interests of the ruler alone.
And reporters should show fangs indenpendensinya of events in Papua, why should be banned, what should be hidden in Papua?, Should the government be honest and say what’s really hidden in papua papua but also the same as other provinces in Indonesia.
not only that, local daily media in Papua as Cenderawasihpos, papuapos, always in control of local media interest and is operating well onlie http://www.cenderawasihpos.com but until it was blocked or ill to continue, he said news papua lakol later known to the world outside he said ..
all specific policies for the papua all political motives and intentions are not good for papua, papua specificity pengancuran specificity only way of life of people of Papua. we hope to be open and honest, the banning of national media, local, foreign and even trigger the image of the nation’s pollution.


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